5 Growth Hacking Techniques That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing


Who says content marketing is all about serious business and lacking fun without creativity? Growth hacking is the oomph part of the content marketing that exemplifies opportunity for SEOs to use the brain and ingenuity skill together with the aim of getting maximum exposure.

Content is successful only when it gets maximum clicks and highest traffic, but the irony is, the quality of content not only ensures all these stipulated goals, but one needs to follow analytical thinking, social matrix and, of course, the user’s creativity to hit the marketing cord.

Let’s learn 5 killing Growth hacking techniques that will surely amplify your content marketing.

Unique headline is the first key for a click

Hmm! Does a headline matter for content? Of course, it does. An awesome headline is like the magnet for the online surfer. Although, it is impossible to decide which type of headline can get maximum attention, yet by following some simple rules, you may get the idea of writing an astounding headline for your content.

Do you know, you are not alone in selecting a mind-blowing headline, but there are various “Headline Analyzers” that will go hand in hand with you to generate the remarkable result.

They help you track the headlines with maximum traffic or have the highest search engine ranking, ensure the accurate balance of words, and let you check the readers scanning performance of your headline.

SEO keywords are the secret behind the success of the content

Every day, numerous contents of a particular topic are written and published by copious content developers, but how many of them get the reader’s attention? The result is shocking as people use to click only those contents that appear in the first page of the search engine.

The proper use of keywords is the best technique to ensure the connection of contents and the online surfers.  Google adwords, plugins are some popular tools that are frequently used to get efficient keywords for content generation.

Add as much Share buttons as you can with your contents

Sharing content is directly proportional to the reachability of that content. Use buttons to share content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, personal mail, and others as they are the key platforms to extend the reach of the contents to maximum readers.

Do not restrict the contents to just a few words:

A study reveals that the length of content decides the appearance on the search engine. According to the known blogger Neil Patel, the contents that make into the top 10 of the search engine are usually more than 2000 words long. That means, Google or other search engines prefers long contents. Ask a Chicago SEO for more information about this.

Cross-link your blog to another post

A cross-link is a hot cake in the content marketing. Although, it’s based on the tricks like writing a content with the certain key phrases and cross-linking that phrase with the previously written posts on your blog, yet it plays a significant part in increasing the reader’s; numbers.

When Google indexes the page, your both links will be accounted in the same page, and as a result, you get better ranking.

Nevertheless, growth hacking techniques are not limited to only these 5 basics. When it comes to creativity, the Sky is the limit and creativity is the mother of success. So, map your brain, do research and get mastery in Growth hacking to make it big in the content marketing arena.