5 Most Useful iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without


Apple and Google app stores are inundated with more than 3 million apps today. And almost every day, these stores are thwarted with the new mobile apps, featured with amazing functionalities.

As the smartphones are getting smarter day by day, these apps are also becoming more advanced, and being rolled out with more advanced features and functionalities.

Today the mobile users have a number of mobile apps (Android, iPhone, and Windows) to cater to our every possible needs, and in this multiplicity of apps, it has become really tough to decide which ones are the most useful apps.

However, through this write-up, I have brought to you 5 most useful apps I can’t live without.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Keyboards are very common and in abundance nowadays. But the one that will keep you coming back is SwiftKey. This is because of its smooth functionalities, its legendary prediction algorithms — its “Fluency Engine,” which indicates your phone what to type before you do.

With the best layout, functionality and design, the SwiftKey Keyboard app (Free, Apple, Android.) comes at the top of the list. It’s true that  Android’s keyboard has improved a lot over the years, but this easy to use  app stands apart from the rest when it comes to hassle-free functionalities and amazing features. So, enjoy typing by sliding from letter to letter with SwiftKey Flow!


The Dropbox app (Free, Apple, Android.) is the virtual folder, which helps in doing neat and clean organization of every file, folder and documents. One of the most useful apps makes everything very de-cluttered and easy-to-find. The app carries the features of synchronization between mobile devices and computers. It functions fine everywhere, and one cannot imagine life without this app when it comes to getting to all your files, and sharing them with anyone, from anywhere.

Google app — Search made just for mobile

Designed specifically for iPhone and iPad, the Google app (Free, Apple, Android.) helps you in finding everything from nearby restaurants to the calories in cheesecake. Just say, “OK Google,” and enjoy hassle-free searching. Besides, when we talk about Google, then how can we forget Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Contacts management, timekeeping and many more. Google today is the heart and soul of every smart gadget.


With so little time to read the entire paper from start to end, online news today has become the thing to reach for. Compatible with both Android and Windows, this Newsblur app (Free, Apple, Android.) has made online news reading extremely simple. Its lack of aesthetic precision is compensated by its speed, which helps it a lot for content aggregation. This  mobile app boasts of standard features such as ‘offline caching’ and ‘prefetching’.


Combining the function of everything, the Evernote app can be used  for almost anything. The app syncs between all of your devices can work everywhere and stay productive; for example; it can write notes, checklists, and research; it can organize web  articles, photos and docs, and it can also discuss your work with others, right within the app.

From functioning as a notepad to scratchpad,  and photomontage, the Evernote app allows for  robust search speed and excellent use of tags and categories.

English Dictionary
Bringing the convenience of a pocket dictionary at your fingertips, this app is very useful. The fact that it can be used even when the Internet connection is not working. It is, in fact, a great relief for those who have to look up a word when there is Internet Disconnection. It not only provides meanings, but the audio plays out, as well,  thus helping to learn the pronunciation of the new word in addition to  providing  antonyms and synonyms.