2014 White Papers


Health Care Reform: A Guide for Self-Funded Plans

Health Care Reform & COBRA: A Guide For Employers


2013 Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals) Industry Perspective

2013 Payor/Provider Industry Perspective

Bundled Care - The Opportunities and Challenges for Providers

Bundled Care - The Voice of the Consumer

Charting a Clear Course in Rough Seas A New View on Hospital and Health Systems Strategy

Putting an I in Healthcare

Succeeding in Hospital & Health Systems M&A Why So Many Deals Have Failed, and How to Succeed in the Future

The $5 PMPM Health Plan Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood


Using Technology to Cure Enterprise Healthcare

Creating Healthcare Consumers: 5 Best Practices for Driving Employee Engagement

Quality in Health Care: Understanding All the Dimensions and Components

More isn't always better: Encouraging proper utilization of health care

Customer Story: Honeywell's CDHP shifts employees to Customer Story: high-quality, low-cost health care providers

Carrots vs. Sticks: Customize Your Benefits to Get Results

Health Care Transparency 101: What Employers Need to Know Now

Six Drivers of Employee Engagement for Benefits Leaders

Four Trends Driven by Evolving U.S. Health Care Policy

Five Best Practices to Help Employees Find High-Value Providers


Make Your ICD-10 Testing More Effective

Reducing Costs, Increasing Choice: Private Health Insurance Exchanges

Introducing Medical Management as a Service - A New Model for Cost Reduction and Quality of Care

Health Insurance Exchanges: Early Lessons from Real-World Assessments

Corporate Research Group

Quick Take Brief: Medicare Advantage Plans Face Tightening Margins, Solid Growth

Quick Take Brief: Health Plans to Take Measured Approach to Insurance Exchanges


A Guide to Choosing the Right Hearing Healthcare Program for Workers' Compensation Claimants

Hearing Discount Programs: A sound strategy for health insurance companies and their members

L.E.K. Consulting

Disenrollment: How to Solve the Health-Plan Retention Puzzle

How Employers, Employees and MCOs Can Gang Up on Runaway Healthcare Costs

Hospital Economics and Healthcare Reform

Physician Practice Management – A New Chapter

Beyond the Product: Service Expansion Opportunities for MedTechs

Pinpointing the Drivers of Health Plan Member Disenrollement


Mastering Change: Succeeding in Healthcare’s New World Order